EL Maggo - Street Magic

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EL Maggo
EL Maggo to your event - Please contact Star Media Production at 0731 - 31.STAR. (7827)
Welcome to El Maggo!

El Maggo is one of the very few magicians that started learning trick by trick, illusion after illusion on his own, from scratch,  from some of the best guys in the magic industry today. ;o) 

El Maggo is now represented exclusively by Star Media Production since 2005 when they started to work together. Star Media Production is one of the national leader in arts, media & entertainment.

Enjoy your stay and if you want to get
El Maggo to come to your exquisite event get in touch with us now for availability.


HOOOLD ON! We are preparing a special show for the King! Shhhs, be quiet!